The Jersey County State’s Attorney’s Office has the responsibility and authority to investigate and prosecute crimes in Jersey County. In each case we bring before the court, our office represents “The People of the State of Illinois.” As the elected State’s Attorney of Jersey County, I have committed myself to upholding the laws and statutes of Illinois. In all cases, the objective of the Office has been, and continues to be, the administration of justice.

The prosecution of crime takes many forms and serves many purposes. For example, the prosecution of street crime helps to keep residents, visitors, and neighborhoods safe; serious sentences for violent criminals provide everyone with peace of mind; and sending drug offenders and dealers away gives the youth in our communities the opportunity to mature without the danger those drugs pose.

In continuing the Office’s tradition of making the criminal justice system accessible to the residents of Jersey County, we have created this Web site. Here you will find information about what it is that we do in the State’s Attorney’s Office. You will find information on the different departments in the Office and the roles they play. We have included helpful links to other statewide agencies that may assist you. Finally, we have included information on how you can contact our office.


Benjamin L. Goetten
Jersey County State’s Attorney